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What Are Piles – Things You NEED To Know

February 3, 2013

If you have ever suffered from hemorrhoids, you have probably heard the term piles.  To answer the question “what are piles” one has to understand that piles are simply hemorrhoids that have become inflamed.

We all have hemorrhoids and they are masses of tissue in the anal canal.  They are filled with support tissue, elastic fibers, muscle and blood vessels.  The problem lies with those times when these masses enlarge and become inflamed.

What Piles AreAt this time, they become what are also known as pathological hemorrhoids.

Do You Want To Know What Are Piles?

To put it simply, piles are swollen hemorrhoids that become painful and cause the person suffering from them problems.

While it is true that the term hemorrhoid does refer to the normal condition of this mass of tissue, most of the time today when people are speaking of them it is in a negative connotation referring to the problems that are presented.

Symptoms of Piles

Most of the time, piles do not cause serious problems for the one experiencing them.  They are not usually serious, and often correct themselves within a few days, without requiring any hemorrhoids treatment.

In fact, most people with piles experience no problems at all and never even know that this area of the body is inflamed.  However, some individuals can experience the symptoms described below:

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  • Pain during defecation
  • Itching of the anus area
  • Hard lump around the anus causing pain
  • Bright red blood with bowel movement
  • Feeling that the bowels are still full after toileting
  • Soreness in the anus area
  • Mucus discharge with bowel movements
  • Excess straining during bowel movement.


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What Causes Piles?

To better understand what are piles, one has to understand the common causes associated with them.  Blood vessels in the area of the anus and rectum stretch swell and bulge under pressure.

As the pressure increases in the rectum inflamed veins can occur.  Here are some of the causes of this increased pressure:

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  • Chronic constipation or diarrhea
  • Regular weight lifting
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Straining with bowel movements
  • Sitting for long periods on the toilet
  • Anal intercourse.


Some people inherit a tendency toward the development of hemorrhoids, and the risk increases with age, they won;t shrink away on their own.  Now we will discuss how piles are diagnosed.

Piles Diagnosis

Medical doctors are able to quickly diagnose piles with a physical exam and a few pertinent questions are typically asked.  Here are some of them:

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  • Do your parents or siblings experience piles?
  • Have you noticed blood in stools?
  • Are you producing mucus with stools?
  • Have you recently lost weight?
  • Has there been and change in bowel movements?
  • Can you describe the color of those stools?


What Are Piles Treatment Options?

What Are Piles & TreatmentIn most cases, piles will resolve themselves in just a matter of days.  However, there are times when this does not happen, so hemorrhoids treatment may be required.

Doctors often recommend changing lifestyle habits such as diet.  Since constipation is a big culprit in causing piles, adding more fiber to the diet with fruits and vegetables and whole grains, having warm sitz baths, may be the answer.

To add more moisture to stools, it is also good to drink more water to help flush out the system.  Because extra body weight can increase the incidence of piles, losing weight is also recommended.

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  • Reply Danny Black February 14, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    Hello, I’ve had hemorrhoids for 5 or 6 days now and I seriously need help!!! I tried everything 2 get rid of it. But nothing’s helping me I’ve been 2 my doc and they are telling me 2 put ice on the swelling and it will help, but it’s NOT!!! Can some 1 help me please?

    • Reply Lionel February 14, 2013 at 2:50 pm

      Hi Danny – you have to manage your stools, when they go hard they push on the wall of rectum then blood vessels expand and get very painful, Candida is well known for irregular stools – they could be too soft or too hard. Also avoid foods which can constipate. Make a note of what you eat daily and how you feel in the days following, and adjust your diet.- pasta and white rice will constipate but by simply adding almond or linseed meal to it will ease constipation. You will then need to adjust and manage your diet and follow it religiously. If you are not seeing any results I propose trying the H Miracle remedy for your problem and you should start seeing results within 48 hours.

  • Reply Sally B March 21, 2013 at 6:13 am

    Hi, I’ve just started suffering and I want to know how long do they last?

    • Reply Lionel March 25, 2013 at 6:43 pm

      Unfortunately Sally, without taking remedial actions, hemorrhoids can last a very, very long time. Unlike damage to your skin that can heal, hemorrhoids have to deal with the constant abuse of the damaged tissue because of the need to defecate regularly. This makes repair on its own a very slow process. Fortunately, many options are available to make this process speed up tremendously. Hope this helps!

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