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Sitz Bath – Nature’s Soaking Secret

February 5, 2013

The sitz bath (or hip bath) originated in Europe in which only the hips and buttocks are soaked in water or saline solution.  Sitz means ‘to sit’ and comes from the German verb ‘sitzen’.

Natural Treatment for a Variety of Conditions

If you suffer from discomfort from hemorrhoids, anal fissures, irritable bowel syndrome, bladder or vaginal infections, constipation or have recently given birth, a Sitz bath may offer you a natural way of treating your discomfort while promoting healing.

What is a Sitz Bath?

A Sitz bath is a bathtub that is shaped like a chair where one bathes only their hips and buttocks.  A Sitz bath may be a permanent fixture or you can purchase plastic Sitz baths that fit over your toilet.

Sitz Bath

Then depending on your need the tub is filled with either hot or cold water to which baking soda, salts, or vinegar may be added.

A Sitz bath is a type of water therapy used to relieve relieve bleeding hemorrhoids, pain, itching and muscle spasms.  It is also used to increase blood flow to the buttocks and surrounding areas and promote healing as well as a way to relax sore muscles in the hip and buttocks area.

What are Sitz Baths used for?

Sitz baths are used as a natural treatment for a number of conditions.  These conditions may include:

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  • Treatment for Hemorrhoids; sitting in warm water helps to improve blood flow to affected area promoting faster healing.  In addition, soaking for 10 to 20 minutes may help to reduce swelling and discomfort that hemorrhoids can cause especially after passing a stool.  It also helps to relieve the itching that hemorrhoids and constipation cause.
  • Discomfort of Childbirth; anyone who has ever given birth can tell you that the discomfort following such an event can leave you feeling incredibly sore and achy.  Many women find that sitting in warm water helps to relieve some of the soreness and promotes healing.
  • Vaginal and Bladder Infections; while most infections require antibiotics to get rid of the infection, antibiotics don’t work overnight and while you wait for the antibiotics to rid your body of the infection itself, you may find that the itching from this type of infection is driving you mad.  Sitting in warm water with some baking soda added can help to relieve the itching making you more comfortable while the antibiotic is taking effect.  In addition, for women who suffer from yeast infections sitting in a warm bath with vinegar added can actually be an effective treatment for the yeast infection itself.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome; many people with irritable bowel syndrome have cycles where they have loose stools followed by hard stools that are difficult to pass, and leaves their rectum feeling terribly sore.  Soaking their buttocks in a warm bath can relieve some of that soreness, and even help to relax the anal Sphincter making it easier to pass those stools.
  • Constipation in Children and Adults; constipation can be uncomfortable for both children and adults and children who suffer from occasional constipation may actually avoid trying to move their bowels due to the pain and discomfort.  Submerging their buttocks and hips in warm water helps to relieve some of the pain and relax the anal sphincter making it easier to pass stools thus encouraging healthy bowel habits.  Adults too find the warm water relaxing and an aid in relieving the discomfort caused by constipation.


If your sitz bathing results wear off after time, I suggest having a look at a more advanced method of hemorrhoid treatment such as the H Miracle System developed by Holly Hayden.

Purchasing and Using a Sitz Bath

Sitz Baths Hemorrhoid TreatmentSitz baths that fit over your toilet can be purchased at most stores that has a pharmacy, or at a drug store, or online for instance Amazon.

You can use water by itself or you can add agents such as lavender.  A simple trick is to add vinegar, baking soda, or salt to the water which will work to clean the affected area and relieve pain.

Add about 5 inches of warm (or cold) water to the bath tub.  Warm sitz baths are best for cleansing and cool sitz baths ease swelling.  Sit in the bath tub, or try squatting if too painful, with your hips fully immersed.

Stay soaking for 15-20 minutes.  Do not use soap in the water as this can aggravate any anal infections or irritation.  After bathing gentle dry off with a fresh soft towel.

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  • Reply Luke Blancarte March 10, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    Glad I found your blog and the excellent articles you’ve posted. I would like to know how can hemorrhoids be cured or treated?

    • Reply Lionel March 25, 2013 at 7:20 pm

      Hi Luke, once you develop hemorrhoids, they don’t usually go away completely without treatment. They can get better, however, so that living with them is tolerable. Both conventional and alternative practitioners consider diet the best treatment for hemorrhoids. A diet rich in high-fiber foods and low in processed foods is essential. Increasing fluid intake to 6-8 glasses a day also is important. Probably half of all hemorrhoid sufferers find relief with these dietary changes alone. Check out the articles posted on this site for more info or contact me and I’ll point you in the right direction!

  • Reply Nancy Crutcher June 14, 2013 at 7:17 am

    Thank you so much for sharing this excellent information. I truly believe that sitz bath is good most specially for those patients with hemorrhoids. My mother before was instructed by her doctor with this process and it really did helped her. That is why, I always refer this to someone I know having this condition.

  • Reply joan salemi February 5, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    Have had hemorrhoids since my early 30’s. No intolerable. Also recent blood tests found low iron. I think if there is blood loss it may be from occasional hemorrhoid irritation (fresh blood, very little on TT). I am on Iron and B-12. Knowing my body after all these years I have no gastro-intestinal problems and don’t want to do any colonoscopy. How much can the hemorrhoids be the problem. Thank you.

  • Reply Susan November 25, 2014 at 1:31 am

    Just saw the specialist who removed my burst thrombosed hemorroid…a sting from him numbing me was the worst part, Did not feel the cutting it off at all. Your site is great with a wealth of information. So glad I found it. Thanks for all the tips.

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