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February 5, 2013

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Understanding hemorrhoids (also called Piles) is knowing that they are a natural part of your anatomy, made up of veins in your anal and rectum area.

Natural Hemorrhoid TreatmentHowever, suffering with this condition is triggered once these veins become abnormally irritated resulting in swelling and inflammation.

Knowing is Significant

To successfully eradicate your hemorrhoid symptoms, it’s key to have your situation properly diagnosed and properly treated as early as appropriate, indicated by the National Center for Biotechnology Information advances.

That’s why it’s significant to know your specific condition with its symptoms which enables you to make informed health choices and take the correct direction for natural hemorrhoid treatment.

Waiting too long increased the chance of your symptoms deteriorating so increasing the difficulty in treating and eradicating them.

Closer Scrutiny Needed

If you start suffering with hemorrhoids your doctor or healthcare professional can simply diagnose your condition by examining your back passage for swollen blood vessels.  It’s important to report on the following:

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  • Detection #1: Weight Loss; recent undue amount
  • Detection #2: Bowel Movements; changes bodily functions
  • Detection #3: Mucus; present in your stools
  • Detection #4: Color; of your stools
  • Detection #5: Blood; contained in your stools.


Origin of Causes

Ordinarily the majority of hemorrhoid incidences are mild and your symptoms should normally disappear naturally after some 2–3 days without any intervention.

Hemorrhoid problems are typically stimulated by unnecessary pressure on the blood veins in your anal and rectum area.

Constipation combined with straining whilst having a bowel movement to pass a stool, leads to abnormal pressure being exerted on your anal canal blood vessels, resulting in irritation and swelling making them inflamed and tender.

Hemorrhoids are normally not painful unless they get strangulated which causing them to bulge outside of your rectum.  Your rectal muscles squeeze around the bulging hemorrhoid that then hardens and makes it painful.

Administer Natural Treatment

Fortunately today there are various natural treatments available to help reduce discomfort, itching, pain and constipation.

Adopting some simple diet and exercise lifestyle changes is the best endorsement for fast relief and eradication of your hemorrhoids:

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  • Natural Tip #1: Natural Remedy; safe and fast adaptable to your individual condition.  Hemorrhoids Miracle or Hemorrhoids No More are the best natural products recommended even by doctors and clinically tested to give relief within 48 hours and eliminate it within 40–60 days.
  • Natural Tip #2: Dietary Changes; where constipation is your cause you will need to ensure your stools are soft and regular to help avoid straining when passing stools.  Increase your fiber intake with wholegrain bread, cereal, and vegetables and fresh fruit.  Also drink plenty of water at least 6 glasses of fluids daily.
  • Natural Tip #3: Self-Care; avoid straining when passing stools as it will worsen your condition.  After each bowel movement, use moist toilet paper instead of dry paper, or better still clean your rectum with moist baby wipes to help ease discomfort and patting the area rather than rubbing.
  • Natural Tip #4: Sitz Baths; provides better hygiene in the area and reduces swelling and pain naturally.  After bathing apply a warm compress and then an ice pack to the area.  This combination of hot and cold helps reduce the blood flow and shrink your hemorrhoid over time.


Natural Conclusion

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  • Reply Sophie May 29, 2013 at 11:48 am

    Hello, can you advise me as I live in a remote area and can I fix my piles at home?

    • Reply Lionel May 29, 2013 at 11:54 am

      Hi Sophie for the overwhelming cases of piles, the answer is an unqualified yes. Even if you opt to have these taken care of surgically, you most likely will not have changed the underlying conditions that caused them to form, so causing their return is most likely in the future. Fixing them at home with natural remedies and alterations in piles producing habits is a long term solution.

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