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October 21, 2013

Hemorrhoids are a very common problem but few people take the time to think about what causes them and whether the problem could be prevented in any way.

How do you get Hemorrhoids - Hemorrhoids No MoreSimple lifestyle and diet changes are sufficient for the prevention of hemorrhoids, as long as they are consistently introduced in one’s daily routine.

How do You Get Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are inflamed veins in the anal region.  They could be either internal or external.  External hemorrhoids are the ones that cause pain, while internal hemorrhoids can often result in bleeding.

An increase in pressure is the main cause for the appearance of hemorrhoids.  Straining to pass stool is one of the main causes of this pressure increase.  Constipation is very frequently associated with hemorrhoids.

People who experience chronic digestive problems, including frequent bouts of diarrhea, are also likely to suffer from hemorrhoids.  Pregnancy is another reason for increased pressure, which causes vein inflammation.  Being overweight will also increase the pressure in the colon.

Other Causes of Hemorrhoids

Finding the right hemorrhoids treatment starts with proper diagnoses.  Often, eliminating the cause of the problem will result in significant improvement and a major symptoms reduction.

A poor diet is commonly associated with hemorrhoids and other digestive issues:

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  • Further Cause #1: Consuming large quantities of fried, junk and processed foods deprives the body of dietary fiber.  Dietary fiber is crucial for regulating the functions of the digestive tract.
  • Further Cause #2: Eating larger amounts of wholegrain foods, fruits and vegetables will produce regular bowel movements, which will ultimately decrease the risk of experiencing vein inflammation in the rectum.
  • Further Cause #3: A good diet will also produce sustainable weight loss, which will decrease the pressure and prevent the veins from getting inflamed.


A good diet can be considered the best natural hemorrhoids treatment.  It should be accompanied by increased water consumption for best results.

Genetics or Lifestyle?

How do you get Hemorrhoids - Healthy LifestyleLifestyle factors can cause hemorrhoids but a few theories link the problem to genetic predisposition.

During the diagnostic process, a doctor will usually ask whether other family members are experiencing the same problem.

This will help the medic establish the importance of the hereditary factor.  Weak veins do run in families and when combined with high pressure, they can easily result in hemorrhoids.

Even if hemorrhoids run in the family, it is possible to introduce preventive practices and to keep you healthy.

Eating natural, high-fiber foods and working out on a regular basis will help you reduce the risk significantly.

When to See Your Doctor?

To find the right hemorrhoids treatment, you will first have to be diagnosed.

There are several important symptoms connected to hemorrhoids:

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  • Warning Indicator #1: Bleeding that is not related to any pain can be a symptom of internal hemorrhoids.
  • Warning Indicator #2: Painful lumps located close to the anus are a common symptom of external hemorrhoids.
  • Warning Indicator #3: Itching, discomfort and the leakage of feces are other common symptoms.


Hemorroid Treatment Tips

The treatment of hemorrhoids is relatively simple and this is why you should talk to your physician immediately after noticing the first symptoms.

There is nothing embarrassing about hemorrhoids and many people suffer from the same problem.

Very often, topical remedies will produce sufficient results and make the symptoms disappear within a couple of days.  Or taking relaxing sitz baths will help to relieve symptoms.

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