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Hemorrhoidal Ointment – Which Remedy Do You REALLY Need

August 22, 2013

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anus that affect the capillaries that are in the area.

Hemorrhoidal OintmentWhenever this area becomes irritated, it causes a lot of pain, itching and bleeding and makes this condition very unbearable.

Most people are eager to find the best hemorrhoids treatment available so that they can get relief.

Finding Hemorrhoid Relief

So exactly what does one do to find relief?  Many people usually go to the drugstore in order to find immediate relief for the pain, itching and bleeding.

If you have an itching hemorrhoid that sticks out, but goes back in on its own or can be pushed back in manually, then try using hemorrhoid creams for a while before seeking professional help:

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  • Relief Benefit #1: They have plenty of ingredients that will help to soothe your pain.  They also have anti-inflammatory ingredients that will help to reduce the swelling.
  • Relief Benefit #2: The best part about hemorrhoidal ointments is that you can purchase them very quickly, without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Relief Benefit #3: When you have a messy and irritating condition such as this, these types of ointments can be just what are needed until you can seek professional medical help.  This is especially helpful if it is impossible to get a doctor’s appointment at a moment’s notice.
  • Relief Benefit #4: Yes, these ointments might not be as strong as the ones that your doctor prescribes, but they can help to provide quick relief just the same.  However, if you are presently taking any other types of medications, you might want to consult your doctor first.  Make sure that the chosen hemorrhoidal ointment does not negatively interact with the medicines that you are currently taking.


Fast But Temporary Benefit

Before purchasing these ointments there are a few things that you should be aware of first:

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  • Temporary Benefit #1: These over the counter treatments only provide a temporary fix for the symptoms.  They do nothing to take care of the actual problems that cause hemorrhoids.
  • Temporary Benefit #2: If you have a real serious hemorrhoidal problem, it might be necessary to seek alternative solutions.  This is because these ointments cannot be used for more than a few days at a time.
  • Temporary Benefit #3: Also understand that not all ointments work the same.  They are needed to relieve pain or stop the itching that makes this condition so unbearable.  They also can help swelling to go down so that you can sit comfortably or relieve constipation.  However, not all do all of these things.  Some will only tackle your pain.  Some of them will just take care of the itching.  Some will only make the swelling go down.  Or, you might be able to find ointments that do a combination of these things.


Safe Expert Opinion

Hemorrhoidal Ointment - Safe Expert OpinionThe best thing to do before purchasing an ointment is to know what stage of hemorrhoids you are dealing with.

Realize that these ointments will not work on internal hemorrhoids.  Also, they will not work on ones that are prolapsed.

Understand that they are only a temporary solution for a more serious underlying issue.  Know that hemorrhoidal treatments such as ointments will not fix the problem.  They will only provide temporary relief.

Read the labels and make sure that you are getting the right cream for the type of relief that you are seeking.  Then get medical attention so that your condition can be taken care of permanently.

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