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Hemorrhoid – Will I Die!

August 22, 2013

A hemorrhoid is an out-pouching of the veins that includes swelling, and sometimes bleeding.  A hemorrhoid may be internal or external.  You may be afflicted with both varieties at the same time but they won’t kill you!

Hemorrhoid - In the Media

Approximately 50% of all Americans will experience hemorrhoids during their lifetime.  That amounts to about 10 million people per year who will suffer from this condition.  Each year more than a million new cases will be added.  About a fifth of those cases, or 20% require some kind of medical treatment.  Nearly half of those people who are experiencing hemorrhoids will not seek out any kind of medical treatment.  To help them to cope with the symptoms of that they may have from the hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid PainWhile hemorrhoids can be very upsetting and may cause symptoms that are markedly uncomfortable, are they lethal?  The answer is, usually they are not lethal.  In some cases they can be very serious and require treatment to address the bleeding and other aspects of the condition, but typically they are not deadly.

Hemorrhoid Problem Causes

Hemorrhoids are typically caused by pressure on the veins in the rectal area.  This can come from pressure caused by pregnancy, by straining at stool or by many other things.  Hemorrhoids may be caused by things such as lifting heavy weights consistently in your job or in sports participation.  The tissue inside the anal area fills with blood to help you to pass stool.  If you need to strain too much during bowel movements the pressure from this or other things can cause those veins to stretch or to swell.  This is the condition that is known as hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids Can Be Very Frightening

The most common way to recognize hemorrhoids will be the painful itching and burning that they can cause.  There may also be some bleeding involved.  This is what will typically take people to the doctor to have their hemorrhoids treated.  In many cases they envision something far worse than hemorrhoids to be what is causing the bleeding and pain.

Any time that you have bleeding from the rectal area, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor.  Medical specialists can easily tell you if hemorrhoids are the condition which is causing your pain and bleeding.  They will also tell you how serious the condition is. While hemorrhoids are not serious in most cases, they can cause some very real problems that need to be addressed.  In rare cases thrombosed hemorrhoids have caused blood poisoning so having the condition seen is important.

Home Treatments that You Can Use

Once your doctor has determined that hemorrhoids is the causative agent in your pain and bleeding, there are some home remedies that you can use which will help to lessen the pain and to make you more comfortable.  These include:

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  • Warm water baths (15 minutes sit-in)
  • Application of cold compress for 10 minutes followed by application of a warm compress for 20 minutes
  • Dietary changes along with appropriate changes in bowel habits.  Doctors recommend including a lot of fruits and vegetables in the diet to prevent constipation.  Practicing regular and healthy bowel habits and working out are also recommended.  Patients should avoid sitting at one place for long periods and also avoid reading while sitting on the toilet seat.


Non-surgical processes for hemorrhoids treatment include tying the hemorrhoids with a rubber band (rubber band ligation) and coagulation therapy, which involves the use of infrared radiation, electric current or laser to cut off the hemorrhoid’s blood supply.

Prescription and non-prescription anti-inflammatory pills can help relieve the discomfort.

Safe Practice

While your hemorrhoids may not be serious, they should always be examined by a physician to ensure that the condition has not worsened.

Additionally the doctor can help you to find treatment options that will lower your discomfort and help you to eliminate further hemorrhoids.

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    I am now suffering from hemorrhoid and seeing those pictures of hemorrhoid really scare me. I thought that hemorrhoid can cause to death. Thank you to this site, now I’m at ease. One of my friends suggested me to use CVS Hemorrhoidal Cream and I’m using it for 1 week. My question is, Is there anyone can help me to have more research about this product if it is really effective and safe? Looking forward to a positive response.

    • Reply Lionel May 7, 2015 at 9:11 am

      Hi Allison, thanks for making contact, sorry I don’t have any experience with CVS Hemorrhoid Cream but if you are serious about finding permanent relief then try Jessica Wright’s all natural remedy, just as thousands of other sufferers have also found permanent relief!

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