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February 4, 2013

Hemorrhoids relief when needed soon becomes a matter of the utmost urgency.  Unfortunately it happens to be one of those health conditions that can be quite difficult to manage and deal with.

If you sufferer with it, you already know first-hand how extremely uncomfortable and so very painful the burning, itching and bleeding of flare-ups can become.  It is likened to that of a burning needle, so the quicker you can find hemorrhoids relief all the better!

Hemorrhoids Relief

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Understanding Hemorrhoids

Before seeking relief treatments, it’s advisable to fully understand the nature of your particular condition and with a correct diagnosis and prognosis.

Your doctor is better equipped to look at your anal area and provide a more thorough rectal examination determining procedures needed to identify your hemorrhoids problem or rule out other ailments like colitis, Crohn’s disease, anal fissures, or colorectal cancer.

It’s better to be safer than sorry in these cases; they don’t usually go away completely unless correctly treated.

Conventional & Alternative Relief

If you’re seriously seeking hemorrhoid relief the good news is that if you’ve come to the right place, and there’s quite a few options available.  Here are a few of the best relief measures offered:

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  • Relief Tip #1: Your Diet; foods need to be rich in high-fiber avoiding processed foods coupled to a fluid intake of 6–8 glasses daily are all so important in constipation prevention.  These Dietary requirements are required even if your doctor prescribes medication or surgery and will prevent reoccurrence.
  • Relief Tip #2: Natural Remedy; safe and fast-reacting preparations that’s adaptable to your condition and particular anatomy.  Hemorrhoids Miracle or Hemorrhoids No More are both excellent examples of natural products recommended by even doctors, which have been clinically tested in providing relief in 48 hours and removing root-causes in 40–60 days.
  • Relief Tip #3: Sitz Bath; nontoxic therapy that minimizes pain and itching by sitting in about 4 inches of warm water (not hot) for 15 minutes, several times daily.  These baths reduces your swelling in the rectal area and relaxes spasms of the sphincter muscle surrounding the anus.
  • Relief Tip #4: Injection; where symptoms persist with internal hemorrhoids by injecting a solution that forms a scar closing the hemorrhoid off.  These bring you rapid and constant relief by easing your itching, burning, and pain which leads to inflammation and swelling reduction in the anal region.
  • Relief Tip #5: Banding; in instances of prolapsed hemorrhoids where rubber-band ligation is used for removal.  A tiny rubber band is secures around the hemorrhoid with a special tool that instantly shuts off its supply of blood and within a week your hemorrhoid shrivels up and falls-off.
  • Relief Tip #6:Cauterization; also useful in prolapsed hemorrhoids where either an laser beam, infrared light, or electric probe, is used to painlessly seal, with a tiny burn, the end of the hemorrhoid, making it close off and shrink.
  • Relief Tip #7: Surgery; in cases that are extremely painful to endure such as large internal hemorrhoids or extremely uncomfortable external thrombosed hemorrhoids or there is bleeding, your doctor may recommend a hemorrhoidectomy.


Hemorrhoids Relief FastThere is a 95% success rate in providing hemorrhoid relief with removal methods, but unless you make dietary and lifestyle changes your hemorrhoids may recur.

All natural H Miracle has been clinically tested with a 96% success rate in providing complete relief.

Hemorrhoid Relief Resources

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  • Reply Andrea May 29, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    Hello, can yo say if Vicks is dangerous against hemorrhoids???

    • Reply Lionel May 29, 2013 at 3:03 pm

      Hi Andrea, it’s surprising the number of people who report benefit from Vicks VapoRub on hemorrhoids – I’ve used Vicks on my hemorrhoids and it works amazingly well. Vicks is, however, for external use only. What that means is that if there is broken skin involved then it will burn. Vicks on broken skin is not a happy feeling.

  • Reply Althessa| January 19, 2015 at 9:11 am

    I am a secretary of a big company. I’m always fully loaded with paper works and meetings to attend too. I don’t even have enough sleep and a healthy lifestyle. I neglect bowel movements habits. Sooner I notice some blood in my stools and a lump around my anus. I feel discomfort on this and I can’t concentrate on what I am doing. My boss ask me if I’m okay, at first I was shy to share because he might laugh at my situation hence he advises me to consult a doctor before it gets worst. The doctor advises me to try natural hemorrhoid treatment first because my hemorrhoid is not that bad.

  • Reply Benny M. Rodriguez March 25, 2015 at 11:16 am

    Last Wednesday, I developed an anal fissure as I was very constipated, which is unusual for me. For a few days it was constantly painful to the point where I couldn’t sit down. A few days I went to the chemist and she suggested perrigo hydrocortisone acetate and a healing chemical in and also some stool softeners. This has made it feel a lot better to the point that it only hurts when I strain. However, I’m off on holiday in 5 days abroad and wonder whether I should go to the doctor before I go just incase it get worse, but will they be able to give me anything different than I already have?

  • Reply Greg Noland November 28, 2015 at 3:52 am

    Make bowel movements much less painful with The Bum Gun bidet sprayer. It makes perfect sense to wash with water, not dry rubbing with abrasive toilet paper. Ditch nasty toilet paper for a comforting, shower fresh clean, all day long. The King of Bathroom Hygiene in the 21st century.

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