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Cure for Hemorrhoids – Some Essential Rules

August 22, 2013

Just ask anyone who suffers from hemorrhoids and they will confirm that these enlarged veins in your anus are very painful.

Cure for HemorrhoidsAlthough they cause plenty of pain, many people do not know that they have them until they start to bleed or itch.

Hemorrhoids arise due to things such as your straining while having a bowel movement or giving birth to a child.

Perhaps you lifted something that was too heavy for you.  Or, maybe you coughed too much during your last cold.

Did you know that you can even get them if you sit down for too long?

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Essential Rules & Guidelines

When it comes to hemorrhoids, they can be either external or internal.  A lot of people do not know of their existence until they start bleeding or itching.  This is because they are deep inside of you.  When it comes to hemorrhoids there are a few things that can happen.

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  • Guideline #1: You can have the ones that exist, but they do not stick out of your anus.  These are mild and usually do not cause any harm.
  • Guideline #2: There are the ones that only stick out of your anus whenever you strain to have a bowel movement or have given childbirth.  The swelling will eventually go down and they will go back inside on their own.
  • Guideline #3: There are the ones that stick out of your anus due to straining, but they have to be pushed back into your anus manually.
  • Guideline #4: There are the ones that become external hemorrhoids or piles as they are also known.  They stick out of your anus and never go down on their own and cannot be pushed back into your anus.  They usually require surgical hemorrhoids treatment in order to be removed.


As you can see, external piles can engorge with blood and will not recede back into the anus.  As can be expected, they are very uncomfortable because they can cause itching, bleeding and make it very hard for anyone to sit down or put any type of pressure on this area of the body.

The average person just wants to find a cure for hemorrhoids once they get this severe.

What are the Options?

Cure for Hemorrhoids & FreedomThere are various cures for piles.  Just go to your local drugstore and you will see many over the counter products that will help to relieve your symptoms such as creams and lotions.

Or perhaps try a nontoxic therapy such as a Sitz Bath which minimizes pain and itching.  These baths reduces rectal swelling and relaxes sphincter muscle spasms around the anus.

It is even said that changing your eating habits or lifestyle can also help.

However, many of these things take days or even weeks to actually work.  This is not comforting for the person who has an external hemorrhoid and is looking for immediate relief.

Usually, the quickest way to get rid of piles is to go the surgical route.  Cut off the blood flow to the hemorrhoid so that it will dry up and eventually fall off, but these procedures don’t come without risk.  There is a natural way without risk that has been developed by Holly Hayden which has been clinically proven to deliver fast results!

Cure for Hemorrhoids Naturally

What to Do?

All in all, the best thing to do is to determine why type of hemorrhoid that you are dealing with.  If they are low grade, the best thing to do is to start now and make sure that they do not get any worse.

Change your diet and eat right so that you don’t get constipation or have to strain to have bowel movements.  Eat more water based foods such as fruits and veggies.

Get more exercise and don’t sit on your behind for long periods of time.

Follow these rules and your hemorrhoidal condition should clear up on its own without the use of surgery.

Hemorrhoid Cure Resources

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  • Reply Steven K. Kershaw March 19, 2015 at 10:25 am

    I just got rid pf a pile the size of a small tiny grape. After trying several types of creams, having it bleeding on occasions what has worked for me is just Ma Ying Long! I started two days ago and by now the pile is pretty much gone. After a shower, put some of it in your piles. You should be careful and really clean that area well.

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