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Bleeding Hemorrhoids – Considerations Before It’s TOO Late

February 5, 2013

Bleeding hemorrhoids occur most commonly with internal hemorrhoids but can also occur in cases of external hemorrhoids.  Incidence usually indicates that there is a serious amount of injury (contingent with amount of blood flow) to the affected area.

By taking just 2 minutes to read this page, I guarantee you’ll save yourself a heap of time and worry.

Bleeding Hemorrhoid

When a hemorrhoid begins to bleed it is considered as being in the most severe and developed phase.

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins
, which form in the rectum and anus.  They can be internal or external and generally cause itching, burning and in some cases bleeding.

Luckily, there are numerous treatments available.  However, most of the over the counter treatments are not designed to deal with bleeding hemorrhoids.

Choosing the Treatment for You

Bleeding hemorrhoids need to be treated by a qualified medical professional.  In some cases, the hemorrhoids can be treated quickly with a minor procedure.

In others, it may require more invasive surgery to repair.  There are several methods considered mildly invasive:

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  • Method #1: Rubber Band Ligation; it has a few side effects but is one of the most effective when it comes to eliminating hemorrhoids.  The process is simple, 2 rubber bands are placed at the base of the hemorrhoid.  The blood flow to the area is affected causing the hemorrhoid to shrivel and then fall off.  This process takes a few days and there can be several days of bleeding during the process though it is rarely severe, taking sitz baths will help give relief.  There are limited reoccurrences.
  • Method #2: Sclerotherapy Injection; it is also a possibility but is not considered as effective because there is a higher chance of reoccurrences.  However, the process is simple and considered less painful.  A chemical compound is injected directly into the hemorrhoid.  This causes it to shrivel.  The process takes less time than rubber band ligation.
  • Method #3: Laser, Infrared, or Heat; finally, in regards to less invasive techniques available where there is coagulation.  This is considered the least effective method.  It has several side effects and the highest rate of hemorrhoids reoccurring.


If these treatments do not work, there are several surgical procedures, which can be highly effective:

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  • Procedure #1: Hemorrhoidectomy; this is the surgical removal of the hemorrhoid.  This method has one of the highest rates for complications but it is also the most effective method of eliminating bleeding hemorrhoids.
  • Procedure #2: Stapling; which can be either a stapled hemorrhoidectomy or a stapled hemorrhoidopexy?  Both of these procedures involve blocking the blood flow to the hemorrhoidal tissue.


These procedures have an increased risk of reoccurrences and prolapse of the rectum.

The best treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids is going to be the treatment option that works best for your individual situation.  This is why it is important to discuss this condition with a qualified medical professional.

Everyone is different with varying severity and only a qualified medical professional can tell you what option is going to work best for you.

In some cases, a simple office procedure can be all it takes to get rid of the problems.

Prevalence and Occurrence

Bleeding Hemorrhoid TreatmentPeople suffering bouts of extreme constipation or diarrhea can often develop Hemorrhoids.  Similarly, they can develop in pregnant women, either before or after childbirth.

It is estimated that nearly half of adults once they reach the age of 50 suffer from some type of hemorrhoid, and is common among people aged between 45–65 years old.

It is a common problem with viable solutions ranging from over the counter products to surgical procedures.   Do not suffer in silence with hemorrhoids; speak to your primary healthcare provider about what treatment options are best for you and your situation.

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  • Reply Carolanne March 21, 2013 at 6:25 am

    Hi I’ve got a little bleeding now an again and I wanted to find out if my hemorrhoids can bleed for weeks?

    • Reply Lionel March 25, 2013 at 6:38 pm

      Yes Carolanne, they can. If they do, anemia can result so careful attention should be paid to them if this is the case. There are steps you can take to reduce and eventually stop this bleeding.

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